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Swiss Volvo 123 GT Club

Since 1979

The Volvo Amazon was introduced in the year 1957 and was produced until 1970. The model is officially known as the Volvo 120 series. The Volvo Amazon was designed by Volvo chief designer Jan Wilsgaard. The Amazon became the second model in 1957 next to the Volvo PV 544 fastback model. Volvo hoped to increase international sales with the Amazon; that worked out positively. These very strong, relyable cars were fairly popular those days.

The Amazon was a ideal family sedan and a very tough opponent in races and rallyes due to it's legendary robustness and relyability. In the year 1962 a Amazon stationcar model was presented: the 222 series. The "crown jewel" of the Amazon series is the 123 GT which was introduced in the year 1967.

Volvo fitted a P 1800 S engine in a Amazon two-door coachwork and voilà the 123 GT was born! The GT was available with two engine cylindercapacities; 1778 cc. and 1990 cc. fourcylinder engines with their respective power output of 96 and 100 bhp. The 123 GT was equipped with a four speed manual gearbox combined with allye participation.

Technical data

- Four cylinder Volvo B18 B engine
- 2 S.U. carburettors
- cylindercapacity: 1778 cc.
- capacity: standard 96 bhp. this car 115 bhp.
- gearbox: 4-speed+ overdrive


Der Volvo 123 GT, ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte.

Eleganz und Sportlichkeit auf unübertroffene Art und Weise miteinander vereint!